Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dynamics and Dependency: Spouses in Evolution

Beetles are beautiful gems of nature. Not only are their aesthetic characteristics treasures, but their evolutionary relationships with each other speak for an efficiency and organic quality that we can model in our interpersonal relationships.
The idea of a symbiosis so distinct that you can trace the lines through the history of evolution to discover meaningful partners in nature is an exciting prospect. I am interested in relationships as systems, and how they can grow efficiently, parallel.
The idea of growing apart, in human relationships, is common, especially in the post baby boomer generations. Our autonomy and the direction of our time combat the concept of growing old together. The video below is an exciting little expose of the process and system of scientific discovery, and shows a loyalty in nature that we can model. Nature's steadfastness in dynamics and spousal symbiosis lend hope to humans who are caught up by our self realization.