Thursday, January 5, 2012

Welcome for the Tourist!

My friend sent me a collection of things from his travels in Southeast Asia.
Below, are two embroidered books called, Welcome for the Tourist! I suppose they are an introduction to things native to the Hmong people. Some of them seem familiar, but certainly not exactly. They still make me feel quite at home. These are some of the least contrived most beautiful versions of life I've ever encountered. And I am grateful to the creation and creators of them, not to mention to the person who knows me well enough to share these things with me, sensing my appreciation in their existence:

Acrocobile; A Deer, Tiger

Leopard, A Dragon; Crested Dinosaurs

Welcome to Luangprabang; My father is picking pineapple,
Going toFitar water, My sisters are sewing; They are working with the cornstone machine

And then there is this guy, and he is beautifully rendered.

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